AdBusting CookBook

Very interesting plea and extremely well thought idea from a (so far) undisclosed German street-artist in Köln (Cologne, Colonia or whatever you call it in your language).

I managed to discover this news on Facebook, so I traced back the images on the blog of Ronny (danke!), and then the elaboration of the CookBook here.

The images I have found so far are these:

adbusting recipe 1 adbusting recipe 2

The original links are the following:


Somebody would ask: what’s the point?

Simple,  because I am pretending to write a food, recipes, nutrion, simil-political blog, I would like the author of the Adbusting (or whoever fancy that) to write MY recipes over the ads.

In fact, I am still translating many of my recipes from Italian to English, to make them more easily readable by a larger audience. And by the way, an AdBusting Cookbook would easily be a spin-off of this blog, in fact I could shrink many of the recipes in order to write a condensed message over any board! 😉

I do think that this form of critique, shared on different media, is a very serious mind-challenge message. Kudos to whoever is the creator and executor of this, and please, if you happen to step on this post, feel free to use any of my recipes for the next piece of (culinary) art!

I can assure you they taste good 😀


Reply (with taste) here:

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