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I am Mario Di Florio, also know as Maruzziello, and welcome to my blog. I write mostly about recipes, nutritional facts, food access issues, and stories of taste.

I  grew up in Salerno, a coastal city in the south of Italy. After my Bachelor, I started travelling abroad. Since then I have been living in UK, Spain, the Netherlands, India, and now Finland. The Italian region where I come from is Campania, famous as the place where they invented pizza, mozzarella, limoncello, babá, and tozzabancone (ask a friend to translate it for you =D ). Italian dishes are inextricably part of the Italian culture. We usually argue about regional diversity of our food. No doubt the place I come from have influenced my cooking style. In fact, I am tendentiously favouring extra virgin olive oil over other seeds oil, I love babá(s) and margherita(s), and use a lot of so-called Mediterranean spices.

Why this blog?

Cooking is a passion of mine, though it has not always been like that. I “discovered” it after I left Italy several years ago. I never properly appreciated a lot of tastes and ways to enjoy food and differences in flavours. I want to nurture my passion, to have fun doing it, not doing it because I have to. Writing a blog seems to me a natural way to express my passions without risk of transforming it into a routine.

I like to think critically about what I eat, what others expect me to eat and how I consider something tasty and for whom. The “craft” of cooking is all about the taste, the experience one gets while eating something. I like recipes too. Especially the ones which are really clear, detailed, and easy to follow. I like to think that food recipes were the first things that our ancestors shared among themselves. They wanted to share the positive experiences one gets while eating a tasty meal with others, and reproduce it. I dream of making the world a better place, so my “humble” contribution is with better food!

I have no time to waste eating tasteless food

We are submerged by wrong advertising messages, dodgy food places where to have any sort (and quality) of food, and creepy supermarket products that affects our eating routines. In short, it gets very difficult to focus on experiences of taste, in my opinion. In many cases tasty rhyme with quality too. I like tasty food, I like to eat them, and I like to experiment with different ingredients and ways to enjoy food.  

With this blog I want to share with you some of the recipes I have been experimenting (and eating, of course) so far. I am in no way a chef nor an expert. My 7 years of experience in the Italian HoReCa sector gave me just a background. I am lucky to have many of my best friends who are proper chefs. They transmitted to me part of their passions. I hope to give some of it to you too. 

The main ingredients

I usually prefer ingredients from local markets, possibly something growing locally, and I try to use fresh, organic products as much as possible. Though, my recipes can suit perfectly also who have only big malls in his neighbourhood. “It doesn’t always have to be fresh to taste good”. My weekly posts will be mostly about recipes, food, tutorial and how-to in the kitchen, though from time to time I like to add something about technology and communication. 

I hope you will have fun reading me, and find my recipes appealing to your taste.
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