ICANN strategy panel looking for help

They want you ūüôā

This initiative  will shape the governance of ICANN, the first and foremost DNS registrar in the world. It is worth mentioning that there are plenty of alternatives!

I am personally interested in it as should anyone with a presence on the Internet.¬†Participation for the first phase is over, but we are still on time for the second and third phase ūüėČ



Happy 2014

Just found this from streetfilms…nice thought-provoking spatial planning of a city, in my humble opinion.

It's no secret that just about anywhere you go in the Netherlands is an incredible place to bicycle. And in Groningen, a northern city with a population of 190,000 and a bike mode share of 50 percent, the cycling is as comfortable as in any city on Earth. The sheer number of people riding at any one time will astound you, as will the absence of automobiles in the city center, where cars seem extinct. It is remarkable just how quiet the city is. People go about their business running errands by bike, going to work by bike, and even holding hands by bike.

The story of how they got there is a mix of great transportation policy, location and chance. You'll learn quite a bit of history in the film, but essentially Groningen decided in the 1970s to enact policies to make it easier to walk and bike, and discourage the use of cars in the city center. By pedestrianizing some streets, building cycle tracks everywhere, and creating a unique transportation circulation pattern that prohibits vehicles from cutting through the city, Groningen actually made the bicycle — in most cases — the fastest and most preferred choice of transportation.

It does feel like bicycle nirvana. When I first got off the train in Groningen, I couldn't stop smiling at what I saw around me. In an email exchange with my friend Jonathan Maus from Bike Portland, he described it as being "like a fairy tale." This jibed with my first thought to him — that I had "entered the game Candyland, but for bikes!" In fact, for our teaser I originally titled this Streetfilm "Groningen: The Bicycle World of Your Dreams," before I talked myself out of it. Although there is a magical quality about being there, in reality there is nothing dreamy or childlike about it. With political will and planning, what they have done should and can be done everywhere.

In our Streetfilm you'll see the 10,000 (!) bicycle parking spaces at the train station, some of the incredible infrastructure that enables cyclists to make their journeys safer and quicker, and you'll hear from many residents we encountered who go by bike just about everywhere they travel. But as one of my interview subjects, Professor Ashworth, wanted me to point out: the three days I was there were bright and sunny, and the hardy people keep up the bicycling through the cold winters. As with many bicycling cities, there area also big problems with cycle theft, and residents are always yearning for more bicycle parking.

I think most of us would trade some of those problems for a city with 50 percent mode share (and up to 60 percent in the city center!!).

(This is me now) I wish you a very happy new year; may it be the lucky one!

AdBusting CookBook

Very interesting plea and extremely well thought idea from a (so far) undisclosed German street-artist in Köln (Cologne, Colonia or whatever you call it in your language).

I managed to discover this news on Facebook, so I traced back the images on the blog of Ronny (danke!), and then the elaboration of the CookBook here.

The images I have found so far are these:

adbusting recipe 1 adbusting recipe 2

The original links are the following:


Somebody would ask: what’s the point?

Simple,  because I am pretending to write a food, recipes, nutrion, simil-political blog, I would like the author of the Adbusting (or whoever fancy that) to write MY recipes over the ads.

In fact, I am still translating many of my recipes from Italian to English, to make them more easily readable by a larger audience. And by the way, an AdBusting Cookbook would easily be a spin-off of this blog, in fact I could shrink many of the recipes in order to write a condensed message over any board! ūüėČ

I do think that this form of critique, shared on different media, is a very serious mind-challenge message. Kudos to whoever is the creator and executor of this, and please, if you happen to step on this post, feel free to use any of my recipes for the next piece of (culinary) art!

I can assure you they taste good ūüėÄ

A che serve?


Prima di tutto vennero a prendere gli zingari e fui contento perché rubacchiavano.
Poi vennero a prendere gli ebrei e stetti zitto perché mi stavano antipatici.
Poi vennero a prendere gli omosessuali e fui sollevato perché mi erano fastidiosi.
Poi vennero a prendere i comunisti ed io non dissi niente perché non ero comunista.
Un giorno vennero a prendere me
e non c’era rimasto nessuno a protestare

(Bertolt Brecht) 

Conoscete Sergio?

Chi non ricorda questo fantastico slogan allora non può considerarsi un sapiente estimatore di distillati.
Il problema √® un altro…
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